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Hamlet Health is a leading, full-service Information Technology consulting firm and custom software developer. Hamlet Health leverages its experienced staff to create cost-effective IT solutions of uncompromising quality.

We are committed to providing true end-to-end total business infrastructure and integration solutions. Our comprehensive service offerings range from project related consulting to full IT outsourcing, and all the critical needs in between.

Data-Driven Work

Hamlet Health provides IT consulting services to organizations of all size with its heaviest concentration in the Healthcare Industry. One area of emphasis is the design, installation, and management of wide and local area computer networks. Another area of expertise is the technical support needed for large-scale mainframe systems. Since the reorganization of the IBM Corporation and the downsizing of many companies’ data centers, there is a growing need for aptitude and mastery in this area.

Finally, the rising costs of healthcare coupled with a growing population of baby boomers using healthcare have caused information technology to play a greater role in many small to medium sized healthcare provider facilities. Hamlet Health is capable of providing those outsourced services to these facilities at a more affordable cost than the internal development of these services.

Meet The Team

Introducing Our Team Of Healthcare Experts

Robin Moody
Robin MoodyCEO
Dennis Mulholland
Dennis MulhollandCOO
Joel Goldman
Joel GoldmanCTO
“Developments in medical technology have long been confined to procedural or pharmaceutical advances while neglecting a most basic and essential component of medicine: patient information management.”

Healthcare Claims Recovery

Gives information on what was paid and what was not on current billing cycle.

Service Lines Analytics

Consolidates inpatient and outpatient settings into one holistic review mapped to appropriate service lines.

Supply Chain Analytics

Provides a knowledgeable representation framework of data processing and analytics workflow.

Pharmaceutical Patient Portal

Allows doctors to immediately receive confirmation regarding authorization of prescriptions.

Healthcare Reinvented

An industry leading provider of healthcare information technology consulting services and custom softwares.

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